Baadshaho 24th Day Box Office Collection Worldwide:Fourth Weekend Low

Baadshaho is a new Bollywood action, thriller, drama movie based on the life of four people whose aim is to stole the gold from the government of India which is kept illegal by them, this movie also shows the time of late 1970’s when all the India is at the state of emergency, all the people in India suffering from starvation, so this also results in rising up of gangs, robberies, murders and many criminal activities. 

Baadshaho 24th Day Box Office Collection Worldwide:Fourth Weekend Low

Fourth Weekend
0.15 Crore Trade Figure

Total Collections of Baadshaho  
67.9 Crore Trade Figure
78.02 Crore Producer Figure

Third Week
1.75 Crore Trade Figure

$ 2.25 Million or Rs 14.39 Crore gross

Baadshaho  did most of its collections from UAE and Middle East where it collected 4.91 Million AED or Rs 8.56 Crore.

102 crores gross +

From Thursday to Second friday Baadshaho saw a 54% fall in its collections.

Baadshaho   had a good opening and first 5 days due to holiday effect bur started to fall  as soon as holidays got over

First Week box office collections of Baadshaho was 8th Highest of 2017

Day 14:
0.8 Crore Trade Figure
0.95 Crore Producer Figure

 Day 13:
1 Crore Trade Figure
1.15 Crore Producer Figure

Day 12:
1 Crore Trade Figure
1.15 Crore Producer Figure

 Day 11:
1 Crore Trade Figure
1.45 Crore Producer Figure

Day 10:
3.5 Crore Trade Figure

 Day 9:
2.25 Crore Trade Figure
2.6 Crore Producer Figure

Day 8:
1.5 Crore Trade Figure
2.1 Crore Producer Figure

 Day 7:
3.25 Crore Trade Figure
3.6 Crore Producer Figure

Day 6:
3.75 Crore Trade Figure
4.3 Crore Producer Figure

Day 5:
5.5 Crore Trade Figure
6.12 Crore Producer Figure

Day 4:
6.82 Crore Producer Figure
5.25 Crore Trade Figure

 Day 3:
15.1 Crore Producer Figure
13 Crore Trade Figure

Day 2:
15.6 Crore Producer Figure
13.5 Crore Trade Figure

Day 1:
10.25 Crore Trade Figure
12.6 Crore Producer Figure ( revised up by producers)

Baadshaho Hit or Flop

Baadshaho   will be considered a hit if its total box office collections cross 100 Crore.

India Theatrical rights have been sold to distributors Cinekorn for 42 Crores and they will breakeven if the movie crosses 85 Crores

Baadshaho has a table profit for Producers as Satelitte Rights have been sold for 38 Crores, Overseas Rights for 10 Crores, Digital and Music rights for 20 Crores  and India Theatrical rights for 42 Crores.

Giving a Total table Profit of 20 Crores.
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