Latest Bollywood movie, Mangal Ho full movie, Release Date, Story, Cast (2017)

 Mangal ho is a latest bollywood hindi science fiction- comedy hindi movie based on the mission of Mars. This is the first mission mission for India, as they are first time visiting to the planet Mars. This movie is directed by Pritish Chakraborty. Pritish Chakraborty is a famous Indian director, actor, producer, singer and story writer. This is the second movie of Pritish Chakraborty in which he is playing as a actor and director. This is the first science fiction comedy movie which shows, Astronauts travelling to mars. Travelling to mars is a risky project, but this movie shows this project in a funny way. The movie is produced by Ascent films pvt. Ltd. 

Latest Bollywood movie, Mangal Ho full movie, Release Date, Story, Cast (2017)

Pritish Chakraborty, Sanjay Mishra, Vrajeesh Hirji and Annu Kapoor are all in lead roles. Also, Aanushka Ramesh, Swati Kumar and Sunit Razdan are in supporting lead roles in Mangal ho. The movie, Mangal ho is going to be release on 29th september,2017


  • Pritish Chakraborty as:-Buddhi De
  • Sanjay Mishra as:- Udhaar De
  • Annu Kapoor as:- Gyanii Jail Singh
  • Vrajeesh Hirji as:- Shakti Armstrong
  • Mukesh Bhatt as:- Sudhaar De
  • Aanushka Ramesh as:- Khushi Armstrong
  • Swati Kumar as:- 3G Girl
  • Sunit Razdan as:- Rahul

Aanushka Ramesh, Swati Kumar and Sunit Razdan all are in supporting lead roles in the movie, Mangal ho also this is the first movie for them.


The movie is based on a team who is going to mars. In, Independence day their rocket is launched to Mars, but this is a science fiction comedy movie. They made this serious project into a funny project. The story of the movie is written by Pritish Chakraborty as he is working as director, actor as well as story writer in this movie.


Ascent film production pvt. Ltd. is the investor as well as production company of this movie, this production house is founded and owned by, Pritish Chakraborty.


Firstly the makers of the movie selected the date of release in all the Indian cinemas on 29th September, 2017, but now the new release date has been confirmed and this movie is going to be release in all Indian cinemas on 27th December, 2017.


The Investors and Producers of this movie spends approximately 45-55 crore Rupees for making this movie.

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