Latest Bollywood movie, Newton, Full movie, Release Date, Story, Cast (2017)


Newton is a new Bollywood Hindi-comedy movie directed by the Indian director, Amit V Masurkar. Amit Masurkar recently starts his career in the field of film direction, this is the second film of Amit Masurkar after the movie, “Sulemani Keeda“. Amit V Masurkar starts working as a screenwriter in Bollywood, later on, starts working as the director of Bollywood films. The movie is co-produced by Manish Mundra and Drishyam Films. Rajkummar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil and Raghuvir Yadav all are playing leading role in the movie.

Latest Bollywood movie, Newton, Full movie, Release Date, Story, Cast (2017)

The movie is based on the life of an election officer of India known as, “Newton“, he posted to Chattisgarh, area full of Naxalvadis, his job is to conduct votes at the time of the election. The movie is going to be released on 22nd September 2017.



  • Rajkummar Rao as:- Newton Kumar
  • Anjali Patil as:- Malko
  • Pankaj Tripathi as:- Atma Singh
  • Raghuvir Yadav as:- Lokhnath
  • Sanjay Mishra

Although, Sanjay Mishra is playing a guest role or in a special appearance in this movie. Sanjay Mishra also is seen in the movie for playing a small role in the movie and have a guest appearance in the movie, “Newton”.


The story of this movie is a comic one, the story of this movie is based on the life of an election officer who has been posted to Chattisgarh in the areas of Naxalvadis for the conduct of an election. It is very difficult to conduct votes in the areas full of Naxalvadis. So, an officer known as “Newton Kumar” is posted to that area for the conduct of true votes, not fakes. The story of the movie is written by Amit V Masurkar.


Drishyam Films is the production house of this movie and the movie is produced by Manish Mundra. Drishyam Films is founded by Manish Mundra. All the music in this film is directed and composed by Naren chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor.Benedict Taylor is a British music director, Composer, and Singer.


The movie is going to be released in all the Indian Cinemas on 22nd September 2017.


The Investors and Producers of this movie spend approximately more than 10 crore Rupees for making this movie, Newton.

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